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Jim Kinney Appointed to IAR Treasurer

- 04/02/12 by Baird & Warner


A long-time advocate and active supporter of the real estate industry, Baird & Warner's Jim Kinney was slated as the 2013 Illinois Association of REALTORS® (IAR) 2013 treasurer at last week’s IAR Spring Meeting. From there he will serve as the 2014 IAR president-elect and 2015 IAR president.

“This election continues my passion for involvement in the real estate industry and underscores my ability to be a spokesperson for the industry, both statewide and nationally,” said Kinney. “My commitment to make the real estate industry better for those who work within is something that the consumer and the practitioner can relate to.”

The one-year process involved many committee reviews and interviews. Jim’s candidacy was approved by a nominating committee in March 2011. From there, Jim and a panel of his supporters were involved in several different committee interviews. The official decision was made March 27, 2012 and announced on March 28.

“In addition to protecting private property rights in Illinois, I want to bring us professionally and legally to the next level of our business,” said Kinney. “We’re currently seeing technology run ahead of where we are legislatively, and we need to make sure license and state law keeps up to make the home buying process smoother for the realtor and the consumer.”

Kinney’s road to treasurer began long before his candidacy announcement at the 2011 IAR Spring Meeting. He became involved in IAR when he was appointed a manager at Rubloff Residential Properties in 1992. He quickly became involved in two major industry changes, one of which was the merger of 17 different MSLs, and was awarded several prestigious positions within the Chicago Association of REALTORS® (CAR). Jim also served as National Association of REALTORS® presidential liaison to Ireland for five years.

Kinney’s involvement with IAR began through the Graduate Real Estate Institute (GRI) program. After six years on the committee, he was selected dean of the program and education chair at CAR. Professional education became a major issue for Kinney, and once he received his Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) and Certified Real Estate Brokerage (CRB) designations, he chaired the Illinois Real Estate Education Foundation (REEF). Kinney’s success earned him a scholarship in his name for children and grandchildren of realtors.

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