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Happy 158th Birthday, Baird & Warner!

- 03/28/13 by Baird & Warner


Baird & Warner recorded its first transaction on March 28, 1855, and we’re still going strong 158 years later. From Lyman Baird to Steve Baird, the spirit of innovation has been strong throughout the company’s history.

While you’re familiar with our latest advancements, here are five important points in our history where we’ve led the real estate industry:

  • Baird & Warner launched property marketing when it produced the “Portfolio of Fine Apartment Homes” in 1928. This lavishly illustrated catalog of Chicago apartments was the first of its kind.
  • In 1964, Baird & Warner established the Real Estate Service for Employee Transfers, or RESET. This was the very first relocation program in the nation. This service was offered to large companies to ease the problems associated with the relocation of employees in and out of the Chicago metropolitan area.
  • Baird & Warner was a pioneer in the rebirth of the South Loop as a residential enclave in the 1970s. Long unused space was remade into apartments and condos, bringing historic Printer’s Row back to life.
  • Steve Baird initiated and signed a landmark fair housing agreement in 1995, the first of its kind between a real estate company and a fair housing organization. This continues to serve as a model at both the local and national levels.
  • The Baird & Warner Sunday Morning Home Show was an early effort at multimedia marketing and used exclusively by Baird & Warner. The show ran for 14 years through the late ‘90s, providing narrated visual tours through select homes and then offering in-person open house tours after the show.



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